6 major trends in HR Shared Services

A critical part in creating successful human resources in a Share Service Center is an effective organization of the services it offers.

The following article presents 6 major trends in SCC on HR


1. Self service

In still many cases these self services for employees entail basic change opportunities.

So if companies are able to reduce efforts by providing self-services for managers and employees in the widest range of activities possible, this offers a huge potential for efficiency gains.

2. First and Single point of contact

Most companies have by now some kind of a back office focusing on specific HR services tasks. Often these are organized by site and/or by country. More and more companies realize the potential of leveraging the expertise.

This way of organizing helps understand where to go and to experience the resolution rate and responsiveness they require.

Offers obvious advantages such as: efficient use of expertise, free up time for HR business partners to focus on business value add activities.

3. Integrated services

In the more advanced organizations HR shared service is responsible for: all HR solutions, process improvement, complete scope of transactional services such as in learning, recruitment, reward, talent management, HR data & analytics, payroll, organizational data management and more.

4. Leveraging advanced technology

Usually the HRIS landscape consists of a robust business system including HR modules or a dedicated HR system with best of breed add-on’s for specific areas in HR, such as reward, talent and learning.

Many of these solutions are fit for mobile use. Hence allowing managers and employees but also HR professionals, to execute their HR tasks or questions at any time at any place.

Another example of leveraging advanced technology is the increasing number of HR shared service organizations that work paperless where possible. This means digitizing personnel files for all sites and countries.

5. Data and analytics

HR data & analytics are being rightfully referred to as one of the major trends in HR.

The reason HR fell behind and is only now gaining momentum has directly to do with the inability to access correct and meaningful uniform data.

6. Run as a business

Many of us will rightfully so claim that HR is the business, or more precise, HR is an integrated part of the business, like any other function. However that claim also means HR has the responsibility to run the function as a business.

Depending on the size of the business HR shared services involve large chunk of the total HR budget and a significant number of the HR professionals. Leading these organizations effectively requires profound business skills.

Leveraging all these trends in an integrated manner is a journey, which needs a professional approach to your HR transformation. It will bring considerable benefits to the HR function and the business as a whole in cost, efficiency and quality of service.


Source: https://hrtrendinstitute.com/2016/01/04/6-major-trends-in-hr-shared-service-organizations/

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