“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!”

Capacity building typically refers to an organization’s ability to offer new services that add value for those it serves. You have to have the capacity before you attempt to take your services to a higher level.

The concept of capacity building holds true for each of us individually. It makes no sense to pursue goals that you aren’t personally ready to handle…

To build personal capacity we need to be able to push ourselves to take risks, learn and grow. Sounds simple, but what is required?

  1. Push yourself beyond where you are – if you’re too comfortable where you currently live or work, you’re not going to grow
  2. Identify new small challenges – nothing earth-shattering; something you can attain using your current skills
  3. Commit your personal strengths to meet your challenge – you’re making it a priority to take risks to grow
  4. Invest your time and energy to make it happen – stretch yourself to meet and surpass the challenge you’ve set
  5. Monitor your progress – be self-aware, learn as you go and make adjustments as needed
  6. Be persistent – push yourself and refuse to give up to develop resilience and tenacity
  7. Be flexible – consider multiple ways to meet your challenge from different perspectives
  8. Hit your target – give yourself credit for progress and know when you meet your challenge
  9. Appreciate your new capacity – recognize how meeting your challenge helped you grow
  10. Build on little victories – identify new challenges that will push you to grow and build more capacity so that you will eventually realize your goals


So how about you? You have a say in how your story will read. Start today, purposefully developing your personal capacity, no matter what vessel you are navigating!


Source: https://mrmck.wordpress.com/

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